Taking The Time To Listen

My friend Karen in Murphy, N.C….listening!

How many of us truly take the time to listen. When there is stillness in your life, there is a message that will be heard. Take the time to be in the quiet, whether it’s through meditation, prayer, sitting by the ocean, or walking through the woods. It will allow you to finally hear the direction, inspiration, and guidance that you might not have even known you were waiting to hear!
When the silence is finally heard, then we are in our finest moments. We have made the commitment to hear our highest self, listen to spirit, or receive the awareness that has been hidden by the noise. The noise is that of life. Life can fill the silence in a moment with its endless to-do lists, stress, pressure, negative self-talk, anxieties, and questioning the future…the list goes on and on.
When we simply decide to slow down and listen, all is revealed. It is as if the gates have opened, and the white light pours in with such abundance that your entire body, mind, and spirit becomes filled with a peacefulness and a silent knowing that all is as it needs to be. And it is good!
What have you done to slow down and listen?

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Join Me On My New Blog!

Photo By Jeremy Freeman

Thank you for visiting me here at New Pathway To Healing!

However, I have an entirely new blog full of spirit, joy, love and light!

All new gorgeous photographs and blogs! Five days every week with a new post!

Join me there at http://www.newpathwaytohealing.com/category/blog/

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Can You Hear Me?

Photo By Jeremy Freeman

The message for you this day is one of listening. We all have the ability to listen, yet some of us don’t seem to hear what is truly being spoken. As other people in our lives communicate with us, we are at times actually deaf to what is being said. This comes from unresolved issues within our own lives.
For instance, I have a client that comes from such an angry place in her past that she is actually unable to hear or recognize kind and loving messages being given to her. She’s only tuned in to her own angry feelings or interpreting others thoughts or statements as being enraging. This is very frustrating to her husband, family and friends that would love for her to hear what they are really saying to her.
Perhaps if you spend some time listening in the silence, you will begin to hear your own thoughts that you can then reframe. After rephrasing your thoughts, you may then be able to hear guidance and love from within. This will lead you to a path of being able to listen to what is truly being said!
If you journal to selections from my book “Musings To Help The Soul Remember” titled “Decide To Rest,” “The Leaves Of The Tree,” and “The Right Path,” you will begin the shift from anger and unrest to peace and the ability to clearly hear your messages.
Musings To Help The Soul Remember” is available for purchase at  http://newpathwaytohealing.com/products-and-services/.
What are the messages that you are now hearing clearly?

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Photo By Ron Silveira

The messages for you this day are ones of compassion. Why is compassion so difficult to find at times? When we are presented with people that are difficult or situations that are less than desirable, our ego usually steps to the forefront. We tend to think that it’s all about us. Somehow we internalized that it’s a negative reflection on something we’ve done, said, or thought.
If we can learn to take our ego out of center stage, it almost always comes down to it really being a reflection that’s coming from the other person. It may be a mirror of their low self-esteem, insecurity, inability to show love, tolerance, or whatever their issues may be in life.
This is the piece that is so imperative to understand. It may have absolutely nothing to do with you in any way. Isn’t that just such an interesting concept? If we could hold up a mirror and see back into their lives, I guarantee you would quickly begin to figure out that their response or actions really have nothing to do with you!
This mirror can be held up during our life review when we transition on. Wouldn’t it be lovely to do our own life review now? What if we could understand and believe that someone’s actions or statements have nothing to do with us. Our soul could grow leaps and bounds because we could then have infinite levels of compassion roll forth from us!
Start today! Pick one person or situation that you will choose to have compassion toward no matter what, and let me know how you feel!

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Let Your Light Shine Through!

Photo By Ron Silveira

The message for you this day is allowing your light to shine through. Your light or spirit can be seen by others when it’s not being bogged down by darkness. Darkness comes when negative emotions fill your body, mind or soul. These emotions come from not being able to deal with them in a productive way. Instead, there is a darkness that moves in to obscure your natural light from shining forth.
Removing the barriers of darkness will bring a positive energy to the front of your awareness. If you are unsure of exactly how to bring closure to your emotions that have clouded your light, feel free to contact me at mailto:petey@newpathwaytohealing.com and I would be honored to coach you through this process to clarity. Just email me a little bit about what you are trying to deal with in life, and I will contact you to set up a time so we can make a plan for healing! If you are international, we can Skype.
There truly are so many paths to healing. Will it be a quick heal?  Let your awareness guide you to what you need to do for your light to shine from within.
What do you picture your light looks like? Does it have a shape or color to it?

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The First Step

Photo By Jeremy Freeman

Spirituality is found in the hearts of those that are looking to give back. When there is a natural inclination to want to help others, your spirit hears its call and opens its door. Once the door has been opened, then the gift of insight, intuition, love and abundance begins to flow your way. Having these gifts allows you to do even more good work and promote good will. It is very circular as each deed builds on the next.
Take your first step today. Decide who you would like to help, what it will look like, and when it will happen. Carry out your plan. Then, guess what will happen? You’re right! the second step of the staircase will come into view and up you go.
As you climb higher and higher, clarity, insight, and seeing the rest of your journey becomes crystal clear. You wonder how you couldn’t have seen this before as you continue to climb up the steps.
I just gave you the path to taking the first step. Do it today, and let me know when you see the second step. For more clarity in this area, please read the following selections from my book “Musings To Help The Soul Remember” and journal on the adjoining page: “See The Light,” “Listen To The Rainfall,” and “An Effortless Climb.” Just go to www.newpathwaytohealing.com/products.html and you can find my book.

Share the spiritual clarity you’ve received and how you will put it to use!

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The True Value Of Friendships!

My wonderful friend Karen and I enjoying Murphy, N.C.

Why can friendships feel so elusive even though it is a human need? We all have other human needs like shelter, food, water, and other such basic needs as noted on the first tier of Maslow’s hierarchy. We feel we have more control over getting these basic needs met, so it is not as intimating to go out and make those things occur.
But for some reason, the word friendship brings up many uncomfortable feelings for people. It can bring up moments from their early school years where they felt rejected by peers. The sting of that rejection has a visceral effect even as they remember those experiences. It also can be triggered by adult moments of discomfort.
Friendship can be tricky sometimes. I’ve had clients speak to me about the betrayal they felt in their past friendships and how it has caused them to build walls around their hearts. Such walls need a big dose of trust, kindness, unconditional love, and simply time to break them down.
A lot of people are too impatient to wait for such behaviors, so instead they retreat behind their walls a little more deeply. They avoid the true value of friendship and prefer to reject it quickly before they are rejected again.
I love this friendship quote, “A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.” ~ unknown
It speaks to the true value of a friendship and the tenderness we must give to nurture and keep it alive!
If you’ve had some of these challenges in the past, reading and journaling to selections from my book, “Musings To Help The Soul Remember” titled “Trusting Eyes” and “Listen To The Rainfall” will allow you to build trust again in these areas. You can find my book for purchase at www.newpathwaytohealing.com/products.html.
The true value of a friend is indeed priceless. What joys have come from your friendships?

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