Francois Lange….Ambassador for Peace, Loving Son, Wonderful Friend, Artist, Disney Animator, Author and Illustrator

Francois, when I sat next you at lunch at Mark Victor Hansen’s Mega Weekend last June I knew we had a special connection. Our energies and hearts held the same space. Did you know at that time that we would develop such a close friendship?

Immediately, it felt like we had known each other for many lifetimes. I think people recognize others are of your same household and consciousness. Your smile, your kindness, and your presence were of the ones that dwell in heaven. You are an ambassador from heaven who dedicates their life to bring forth a message of comfort to those that are thirsty.

You have such an interesting background! You were born in Paris and shared time between there and Norway. What European influence has this had in your work?

Well I was born in Paris and raised in Africa. My mom is Norwegian, my dad is French, and we spent most of my life traveling the world. We come from a family of Diplomats, and my father was representing Air France in Africa.
Traveling just widens your perspective. You become a citizen of the world. You don’t have time to get conditioned by any particular culture, yet you learn to adapt and understand how each country feels and reacts. It makes tolerance and compassion arise. You learn to look through the eyes of everyone no matter their race or culture.
It is like incarnating in everyone. You learn to be a neutral observer who looks through the eyes of all. An observer does not have a particular nation to identify with or protect. Being too nationalistic creates division, war and suffering. When you own nothing and have nothing to protect, peace becomes an everyday experience to you. It becomes more real than war.
You learn to get out of the way, and let peace look through your eyes. You enjoy everything and need nothing.
As an observer and a traveler, you are forced not to settle anywhere nor own anything – not even a citizenship. You are like a snail that carries your home on your back or perhaps in your heart. Your inner world becomes your home .
Art to me is used to describe this home – this neutral space where only love resides. Art is getting your human self out of the way to let the “Alien nonresident of the world” look through your eyes, and observe how it feels, what it hears, what it sings , how it writes, or how it paints.

At what age did you know you had such talent as an artist? “Wire the little stick man” was your first figure (shown in the illustration above). What inspired his birth?

Ever since I can recall, I always knew how to draw, and my drawings were my friends. People knew I would be an artist when I grew up, and so did I.
We would travel so much that it was hard making long-lasting friendships. Instead of playing with other kids, my drawings continued to be my friends. I found my friends deep within my heart and manifested them on paper. Thus, my first drawing that I named “Wire” was born.
He would visit me each time I was alone and still. I would hear his still, small voice. In total presence and eternity, I had all the time in the world. This is where children dwell naturally, and this is where I met “Wire.”
Instead of playing with toys, I would play while drawing. I call it drawing for no reason, just for the fun of it. That’s what children do, and that’s what we lose when we grow up.
I grew up and forgot about my stickman for a few years Then one day, years later in complete stillness he came back to visit me. He then showed me what true inspiration is. It was a remembrance of how to dwell in that innocent space, or that “zone” as some people call it.
I then started drawing and writing his story of how we met. It happened by itself without the intention to write a book, just for the pure pleasure of spending time with him. It was just for the pleasure of drawing from heaven where there is no deadline and no time at all – only eternity.
I do realize that the simplest drawing has the greatest power. That is why wire is my masterpiece of the heart. It is the masterpiece of any child’s heart or anyone who has kept or would like to recover that innocent state of being.
This simplistic masterpiece should be framed in gold in the greatest museum to behold so that people never forget that way of being.
When we are still, it will make itself known to us. We can recognize it by its still small voice.

Why did you decide to train at the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Fla?

I always wanted to draw for Disney and become an animator. We lived on the island of Saint Martin in the West Indies at that time, where my family owns a resort; the closest School that trained in Animation was in Sarasota. I love Disney World and always visited there. So, it was literally a dream come true when I got accepted there!

While working on the Disney feature animated film, “Curious George,” you apparently perfected your craft. What prompted you to go out on your own to write and illustrate your upcoming book, “Masterpiece of the Heart?”

Well I was trained in the Art of Disney animation by Disney animators. The animated motion film “Curious George” was actually released by Universal, but Disney animators worked on it as well. That was a great experience, and I learned a lot. Yet, something was calling me strongly from within to be still and get acquainted with my real purpose.
I have been meditating from a very young age, and after graduating from Ringling I came very close to death. In that experience, I recognized then that my body didn’t belong to me, and I experienced myself without a body and still being there to witness it.
I experienced perfect peace – a peace that passes human understanding. That became my home. And from then on, the only thing that inspired me was that. The rest was meaningless. I was instructed to use my artistic skills to describe that indescribable bliss and love that I am feeling.
I was inspired to use my pencil and draw it, translate it on paper using symbols, and people would call it art. By their simplicity, these drawings can more easily and elegantly point to the unnamable. As the expression goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”
My main project right now is to feature these drawings and short animations on a new Web site being created this very moment called This site will be launched this August. It also will feature little books that go along with each animation with simple drawings that are “illustrated guides to enlightenment.” “Masterpiece of the Heart” is one of those books.

Francois, as I’ve come to know you so dearly, I’m not surprised that you have created which is a venture you have pursued by joining with Happy Haiti. Your purpose is to inspire children and adults alike to become peaceful, loving, and giving citizens of the world. What would the world be like if we both accomplish our missions?

The world would be what it already is as we write these lines… heaven on earth.
Most people are not able to experience it because they are trapped in the movie of their mind. That movie consists of fearful past or future events that the ego creates in order to stay alive.
Most people miss the miracle of what is happening NOW. Love, peace, and well being are all miracles, but people cannot stop at will their mind-generated movie imagery. They do get glimpses of heaven by accidentally becoming still, but all their energy is used for the self-preservation of the Ego.
War and history exist only in the mind of men, and it seems that this is the only place where we live – in our minds instead of in our hearts. Flowers and animals live in peace and total harmony. They do not stress nor fear unnecessarily because they are one with god. They are totally taken care of, and they need not take any fearful thoughts.
We have forgotten that we also are completely taken care of. Outside of that fear-based mind movie, only peace is and only god’s love is. By being reminded of that, love and ease is experienced in our bodies. We use that new found love and start pouring it out instead of taking it away from others. We stop being beggars eating with the swines and start acting like givers.
This is why art, poetry, and musings like yours, Petey, are crucial to the arising of this realization. They are the tools that enable the removal of the belief of separation from god. They are gateways through which humanity can enter and experience love and peace.
From this space we can raise our children in love free, from fear and stress.
From these children will come our world leaders and their decisions will be taken from that place of love. Compassion and cooperation becomes our law.
A lot of people on our planet right now live this way – free of suffering, as clear transparencies, letting peace, this imprisoned splendor, escape into this world. Love, that infinite supply that we all possess, could become the dominating world currency.

Francois, as we’ve talked I know that you have come to this peaceful place inside your soul by practicing daily meditation. Are there any other messages you would like to share with my readers from this sacred space?

Realizing that we are in god’s arms at this very second, totally taken care of and loved beyond human comprehension, is the greatest gift any one could realize and receive. That is awakening in the Now. From that realization, one can only feel sinless, joyful, and inspired.
We would be happy for no human reason. That feeling is our infinite invisible supply that is the priceless gift we can offer to the world. In that realization, anyone cannot but become an artist. If one says I cannot draw or paint, well there is no need to, because by the smile on your face you would have already become the most beautiful masterpiece.
I think we can only rejoice knowing that, and that is what you are doing Petey. With your beautiful musings you are removing the blocks that prevent people from experiencing that love. Your musings are poetry that is imbued by the fragrance of heaven, awakening humanity to its true nature.

Thank you so much Petey for your love, your light, and featuring me in your amazing work. I love you. I am honored to know you. Peace and Blessings always.

….one more interesting pathway to fulfillment and a peacefulness in life….thank you so much Francois Lange!

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